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Are you using the MarketPowerPRO improvements, enhancements, benefits and features to improve your business and your distributors business?  Are you passing these nuggets of information onto your distributors on a consistent basis through weekly newsletters and conference calls?  If yes, then congratulations you most likely have “momentum” on your side; if not, what’s holding you back?

New Features Available for February:

Announcements Module


QR Code Generator


Color Code Rank Genealogy / Rank Icons


Get xx On AutoShip and Yours Is Free 


Coming Soon / Under Construction Pages


Every MarketPowerPRO system comes pre-deployed with communication platforms for you to “Educate, Communicate and Duplicate” to your sales field force including a newsletter system, with numerous pre-designed templates, a news system, a FAQ system and the newly enhanced visual calendar system to communicate these new enhancements to your distributors.  If you are uncertain how to use these systems to communicate with your distributors on a consistent basis please contact a MultiSoft Customer Support Representative or your MultiSoft Account Executive for assistance and training if needed.

Please contact a MultiSoft CSR or your MultiSoft Account Executive for more information regarding any of these updates, enhancements and new features added to the MarketPowerPRO MLM Software system.  If your website is hosted on dedicated code and you would like this upgrade added please contact your Account Executive.

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