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MarketPowerPRO is now Integrated with WordPress

Deliver Replicated Distributor Blogs of Your Company Website.  We also have clients using WordPress as their complete front-end connected to MarketPowerPRO in the back-end for distributor sign-up, product purchases and login to the back office.

Hi this is Robert Proctor, President of MultiSoft Corporation.  If you are currently a client of MultiSoft, you’re going to really get excited about this announcement that we have for you today.  If you’re looking to start a network marketing company and are in need of MLM Software, which is the backbone of your company, or if you’re considering changing MLM Software companies, this may help in making your decision.

WordPress has grown from being a simple Blog builder to become one of the most widely used Content Management Systems in the world. We have integrated MarketPowerPRO created a plugin that generates short-codes from MarketPowerPRO data for use in building your WordPress site. Use a custom WP site integrated to a MarketPowerPRO back-end. Deliver replicated corporate blogs on your distributor sites.

If you are interested in adding a WordPress blog to your current MarketPowerPRO powered MLM Software system please contact your MultiSoft Account Executive or our support department at +1 239-945-6433.

Robert Proctor
MultiSoft Corporation
Here We Grow Again…..

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