Getting Started

As an Administrator, when you first log in to your MarketPowerPRO system, you will be presented with a long task list. Don’t panic!

Many of the items on this list cover things that will already have been done. Others while essential, will require you to work with a certain service provider, like the company providing your email service, or Merchant Account.

The Video Library will show you how to get everything working the way you need it but, it is a very large library of video content.

To make life easier for you, we have curated a collection of the videos and presented them in an order that will cover the important things you need to get done asap

Initial Activation
By the time you read this, it is likely you have discussed your system needs with your sales contact and approved the compensation plan specifications, costs, and deployment schedule.

Your system is licensed to the president, company, and company contact details originally provided.

These items form part of the license and cannot be changed.

Log in as an Administrator and take a quick look on the Admin, Company menu, and review your Corporate Profile. Also, go to Users, User Management, and review the 1st distributor; ID 100000. Both of these items were set up from the details you provided.

If you see anything in either place that is incorrect, contact your sales contact and let them know of the corrections.

Likewise, a Deal Sheet detailing the payment schedule should be in your possession for your records. If you have not received this, contact your sales consultant for more information.

The Compensation Plan Specifications document is a document that we will present to you once your deposit has been paid. This document will detail clearly the compensation plan we will be programming for you. You can expect to receive this within a week or two of paying your initial deposit. Speak with your sales consultant if you are approaching the time when you wish to pay your first round of commissions but have not recevied this document.

Help Desk and Onboarding call

Immediately, please setup your MarketPowerPRO Help Desk Account at in order to direct or submit items related to the setup of your project and the ongoing support of the project, this will alert the proper individual(s) and department(s) so that they can best manage your expectations. This is your single source access point to all open items related to your project.

Please note that only one issue per help desk ticket is to be submitted. Example, if you have two issues, questions, requests, etc. please create and submit two help desk tickets (one for each item).

Tickets submitted to the help desk will be assigned and responded to within 24 hours during normal business hours (Sunday from 9pm EST through Friday at 6:00 PM EST). If this is an emergency please call the office at +1 239-945-6433 or +1 888-415-0554 on weekends or if you can not reach the office during normal business hours. Please note the following items constitute an emergency:

  • Site is down (very rarely and in most instances we will know before you do and will already be working to resolve any issue)
  • Distributors can not enroll due to an error on the site
  • Customers can not purchase products due to an error on the site
  • Back office is not accessible
  • Payment gateway is down

Onboarding Call

Within 3 days of activating your system, you will receive an invitation from our training department to schedule a ‘Red Carpet Onboarding Call’. This conferece call lasts as long as two hours depending on your questions and will cover everything you need to know, will prepare Multisoft Staff to meet your expectations, and prepare you for what is expected from you to ensure a smooth launch of your company.

Countries, email accounts, domains and SSL's

You will likely have discussed these items already but it is mportant that you check the following items:

  • Countries of Operation
    • There is a fee to add language/currency packs to your system. If you have not already discussed your needs with Multisoft.. or made an assumption! Contact your sales consultant right away to discuss this.

      If you have purchased additional languages, or know you have a system that should include a language, but don’t see a language selector on the home page, contact Multisoft and we will investigate.

  • Email services
    • Multisoft is not an email service provider. In order for your system to communicate with your members, we will expect you to have two separate things:
      • Email account. In order for your chosen email service provider to work with MarketPowerPRO, you must submit the Mail Service records to the Help Desk so that we can add them to DNS for your domain.

        A recommended process is that you point a temporary domain to our servers and set up email service for your permanent domain. Submit both domains to the help desk with the Mail Service details, and we will add both records to DNS along with the mail service records.

        When you web site is complete and ready to go live, you will set the name servers for your permanent domain and we will have already added mail records. This will make the switchover a seamless process.

      • Mail Relay. You will also need to set up an account with a mail relay service to protect your email account from action against spamming activities. Service providers such as, sendgrid, and dnsexit will be able to assist you with setting up an account for this. Once set up, submit your credentials to the help desk and we will integrate it in to your MarketPowerPRO and verify it is functioning as expected.
  • SSL. (Secure Socket Layer).
    • An SSL protects credit card transactions through your members replicated web sites. Purchase of an SSL through Multisoft is mandatory and you will be charged an annual fee. This fee covers purchase, installation, and proper monitoring to ensure you are always protected.
    • Note: We cannot accept a 3rd party SSLs for compatibility and security reasons.
    • It is likely the 1st years SSL fee was included when assessing your initial deposit. However, if it wasn’t, our accounting department will send you an estimate for the purchase and once purchased, we will take care of the set up process.
Commerce items

In order to make sales, you will need a Merchant Gateway, and have added products to your system. You may also need sales tax integration.

Merchant Gateway
If you are experiencing challenges getting your Merchant Account, speak with your consultant. We have a number of providers that specialize in helping MLM companies and we will be happy to put you in touch with them.

Do not consider PayPal. PayPal is a supported gateway within MarketPowerPRO, but once they discover you are an MLM company, they will suspend your account and hold any funds for a very long time.

The Basics of managing your data

The following videos cover some of the basics with regard to managing the functionality of your system. Each video briefly discusses ways to make your life easier. refer to the training videos for more detailed discussions.

Searching and Adding users into your new system (User Management) 

Short Cuts (edit, sign in, delete, notes, communication, trouble, credit, not locked) (User Management) 

All about Short Cut (Add Order) with Commission example (Commissions) 

Short Cuts ( Enrolling Sponsor, Edit Rank, Com. Adjustment, Edit Volume, Disable Com.) (Commissions) 

Short Cuts (Customers and Users) (User Management) 

Calculating Commissions (Commissions) 

Commissions Tools (Genealogy Tree and Data Viewer) (Commissions) 

How to verify your commission plan with live/test data (Commissions)

Content Management

How to Edit an HTML Module – 

How to Publish your HTML Content – 

How to Edit Menus and add Icons –

How to Create a Page and applying the Page Key – 

How to Add a Module to a New Page –