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Did You Know We Have Sales Tax Solutions To Reduce Your Workload? MarketPowerPRO integrates directly with Avalara Tax Automation.

Sales tax nexus is the connection between a seller and a state that requires the seller to collect and remit tax on sales made in that state. If you have nexus in California and Texas, for example, you must collect and remit sales tax in California and Texas. Online sellers can generate sales tax nexus through a range of selling activities, even with just a few employees. Even if you have a company with a single location — say, a California garage — you may be expected to pay sales tax in a dozen states or more, just from making a few small changes to how your products are shipped and sold. Each state where you do business has its own nexus laws. Many states have also expanded their definitions of nexus in recent years. There are more than 12,000 sales tax jurisdictions in the United States alone and each is associated with a specific tax rate. So determining where your business has nexus can be complicated and time-consuming. MultiSoft is proud to have a strategic partnership with Avalara (Avalara.com) in order to help accommodate the needs of our clients, and ultimately to help YOU spend more time focusing on your products, distributors, and message instead of trying to stay current on worldwide tax law changes. Click on the link below to watch the how-to video to setup Avalara Tax Automation Services on your MarketPowerPRO system.


If you are not already making use of Avalara’s Sales Tax Automation services and would like to, or would like to learn more about them, contact your account executive at 1-800-415-0554 or click on the link below!


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