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Would you like to start accepting Bitcoin Payments?

Recently we’ve been asked lots of questions from our users about how they may accept Bitcoin as a payment method from their customers. Today we’re going to try to answer those questions and show you how to setup BitPay as a payment method on your MarketPowerPRO system.

If you’re not familiar with it, Bitcoin is a crypto-currency created in 2009. It’s become widely used and built on the premise of anonymity. Bitcoin isn’t tied to any country or subject to regulation and works on a system that removes banks as the middle-men from transactions eliminating many of the common fees associated.

In order to begin accepting Bitcoin payments, the very first step is to go to BitPay’s website (bitpay.com) and create a BitPay Business Account. BitPay is a Bitcoin payment service provider based in Atlanta, GA that allows our MarketPowerPRO system to accept payments made in Bitcoins.

If you have already tried to add BitPay as a payment gateway on your own, you may have noticed that BitPay is not an available option on the default drop-down list. This is because BitPay requires additional setup and first requires an active BitPay account for us to enable. Once your BitPay account is created, please contact your account executive and we’ll be happy to configure your system to enable the BitPay payment gateway. Once BitPay has been enabled as a payment gateway, it can easily be added similar to how any other payment gateway is added.

After BitPay has been activated and configured with your BitPay account credentials and information, anytime a customer is attempting to make a purchase, they will be able to select BitPay as their payment method and pay using their Bitcoins as easily as if it were from their credit card.

Click on the link below to watch how to add BitPay to your system today!



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