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MultiSoft is constantly striving to provide the strongest, most robust, and most useful software to our clients. MarketPowerPRO is ever evolving to provide new features and enhancements to improve its usefulness and ultimately to help our clients become more successful in their own businesses.

This week we have several additions and enhancements to announce.

·         Payment and Funding:

o   A new funding partner is now offered, PayQuicker (www.PayQuicker.com). We are now capable of sending funds to distributors through the PayQuicker platform.

o   PayWise Gateway (https://www.PayWise.co.in/)  is now supported. This gateway supports Tokenization, a strong method of data security.

o   New Payment Method; Papaya Wallet (https://www.Papaya.eu/)

·         Accessibility Features – Our User Management Interface has been updated to include the ability to display your MultiSoft eWallet Account Number in your User Profile.

·         New Security Features – new Captcha options are now available for use on enrollment, checkout, and login.

If you have any questions about these or any other features of your MarketPowerPRO software, please contact your MultiSoft Account Executive or Customer Support at [email protected] or by calling +1 239-945-6433

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