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Do you have an important announcement that can’t go unnoticed? No problem, with MarketPowerPRO’s newest announcement system update, the announcements are set up to appear as a pop up right when a user logs in, or visits the site. The options is yours, and a great way to get the attention from your users.

The Announcement system allows the Admin(s) to add announcements (Title, Version, Short Description, HTML content,Start date/time,Finish Date/time, visibility, permissions to read – customers/distributors etc). When the appropriate party logs in they see the announcement as a popup on login. There is a checkbox for a user to indicate they have read the announcement (or they can bypass the acknowledgment hitting the X in the corner – if bypassed it will display next time when they log in). We store data indicating time/date that the user indicated they read the announcement and that data is made available to the client on an as needed basis.



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