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MultiSoft Corporation, a 30-year company providing cutting-edge MLM Software products and Services to the network marketing, multi-level marketing, party plan and direct sales industries has partnered with Hanna Shea Executive Search to bring the best in C-suite and top talent to their clients.

The partnership will provide MultiSoft’s and Hanna Shea’s clients with both, the best software and best talent search options in the direct selling industry.

“From my first conversations with Robert Proctor, it was obvious to me that we shared the same passion, level of integrity, and love for our client and the Direct Sales Industry. Our goals at Hanna Shea are to treat our candidates and our clients with the respect and professionalism we would want to be treated with and to deliver beyond expectations. Hiring a new executive has far reaching effects on an organization’s ability to grow and to succeed. Hire the right person and your investment brings a healthy return to your organization. Hire the wrong person and it can be the costliest mistake you will make.

We have developed a process and methodology that have allowed us to get to know both our clients and candidates. We have experienced an amazing success rate finding and placing some of the industry’s best talents into our client’s organizations as a result and we’re proud of that. Working with MultiSoft was a natural fit for Hanna Shea. Seeing their approach to the industry, and to their client relationships mirrored Hanna Shea’s approach.” Said Sean Eggert, President of Hanna Shea.

Robert Proctor, President of MultiSoft Corporation had this to say about the partnership. “There is a saying that “success leaves clues,” as does failure. For the past 30 years MultiSoft Corporation has had a front-row seat providing cutting edge MLM Software to the Network Marketing and Direct Sales Industry. During this time, we have witnessed first-hand the “clues left” of why some succeed and why many don’t. One of those “clues of success” is successful MLM’s have strong leaders with industry experience, solid management and the knowhow to get things done.

In the network marketing industry, most start-ups, along with many mature companies, are launched by boot-strapping grass-root entrepreneurs, some of who have previous experience as distributors or owner / operators in the industry, while many if most do not, however few have experience running a multi-level marketing company and understanding all the numerous issues required to launch, run and grow a successful company.

From the moment I met with Sean from Hanna Shea I realized our vision and goals for our clients and the industry aligned perfectly for what our start-up, and even mature, clients are missing – experienced leadership and staffing. Sean along with the services Hanna Shea provides provide a necessary component our clients and our industry so desperately need and will allow them to focus on what they do best. Our partnership with Hanna Shea and the services they provide bridge the gap between “entrepreneurial spirit” and “corporate success” by matching the visions and goals of network marketing business owners with the right talent, leadership and staffing required to launch, sustain and grown their businesses. Hanna Shea is that key component necessary in our $200 billion niche industry and I believe will be instrumental in helping our clients search, interview and place top initial key executive placements. We look forward to bearing witness to our client’s growth with the services Sean and Hanna Shea will be providing.”

About MultiSoft Corporation (http://www.multisoft.com)
In operation since 1987, MultiSoft Corporation develops MLM software applications, including but not limited to, the commission calculation engine, for the network marketing, multilevel marketing, direct sales and party plan industries. From incubation and consulting through online real-time enterprise software solutions, MultiSoft Corporation is a trusted name in the network marketing and direct sales arenas. MarketPowerPRO (http://www.mlmbuilder.com) is MultiSoft Corporation’s flagship point-and-click MLM software application which empowers network marketing companies to manage their business 24x7x365 without relying on webmasters, designers or techies.

About Hanna Shea Executive Search (http://www.hannashea.com)
Hanna Shea Executive Search has been helping companies find key executive leaders since 2007. In 2010, Hanna Shea began focusing their efforts on the Network Marketing and Direct Sales world. The demand for high-level individuals in Direct Selling was so great that Hanna Shea quickly became an industry leader in executive placements. Hanna Shea Executive Search has worked with many of the Direct Selling Association’s top 50 clients but has also played a key role in helping start-up organizations get off the ground with their first executive hire.

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