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As we continually work to make MarketPowerPRO more friendly to mobile devices and fully mobile responsive, we’ve also managed to make it simpler and easier to use than ever.

In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out a mass update to provide even more value to our clients. With this update, you should notice a newly redesigned menu available from your administrator account in your MarketPowerPRO Software. We’ve put extra effort into making this new menu more visual and easier to use.


You will see our new Administrator Menu upon login on the main dashboard.

This new mobile responsive Administrator Menu will allow your team quick access to an extensive feature set:

  • Company
    • Corporate Profile, Key Performance Indicators, Modules, Registration Settings, Genealogy, Financial Settings, Shipping Management, Newsletter Management, News Management, Notification Emails & Event Log Management, Calendar & Event Management, Announcement Management.
  • Compensation Plan Settings
    • Enrollment Options, Preferred Customer Settings, Calculate Commissions, Credit Card Transfer, Upgrades
  • Website Management
    • Change Website Design, Publish Content, Site Settings, SEO Settings, Page Management, Menu Management, Site Localization, Recycle Bin
  • Products Management
    • Product Management, Warehouse Management, Tax Management, Discount Coupons, Product Information Report
  • Order Management
    • Order Sequence Settings, Add Order, Search Orders, Order Payments, UPS WorldShip, Deleted Order History, Packing List Report
  • Security Settings
    • Secret Questions, Auto Account Lock Settings, Role Management
  • User Controls and Restrictions
    • User Management, Export Customer Attributes, Deletion History, New Dashboard
  • Support
    • On-Boarding Wizard, Setup DNS, MarketPowerPRO Videos, MarketPowerPRO Training, Submit a Help Desk Ticket, GoToMeeting, Contact MultiSoft, Compensation Plan Modeler, Developer APIs, Events Management
  • Reporting
    • Types of Reports, Quickbooks Export, Abandoned Cart Report

With all of these features available at a single click, operations and management should become much easier and quicker tasks giving you the time you need to focus on your business rather than your software.

While many of these features may have been available in prior menu versions, never before have they been so accessible to mobile devices.

With comScore reporting 2 of every 3 minutes of Digital Media going to mobile devices, mobile traffic isn’t something that can be dismissed any longer. Mobile spending accounted for 1 of every $6 in digital commerce for the US in 2015 and that figure continues to grow.

If you haven’t yet upgraded to a mobile responsive website for your business, now is a great time to take the leap!
If you have any questions about the new Administrator Menu or any other part of MarketPowerPRO, please reach out to your Account Executive or contact our offices at +1 239-945-6433 or [email protected]

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