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This week we’re excited to announce the integration of 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) with our MarketPowerPRO MLM Platform!

We’re constantly talking about security – in regards to technology and methodology. Now we’re excited to not only talk about but announce that you can add Two-Factor Authentication to your login pages on the MarketPowerPRO Platform.

What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? Multi-Factor Authentication refers to a process, usually a user login, that requires multiple different factors. Two-Factor Authentication is the same but refers to systems that require two factors. Now, what are these Factors I’m referring to? In a simple login, there’s a single factor to log into someone’s user account – a password. By adding additional requirements or factors, we can be far more confident in the identity of the user attempting to login.

The most common forms of MFA or 2FA systems use text messages or phone calls to a user’s specified phone number. However, some systems use additional factors such as email verifications, authentication apps for your smartphone, and biometrics.

Now you have the ability to add 2FA protection to your company’s website at no charge! Click on the video link below to learn more!


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