Up until now, our quick view dashboard has been the easiest and simplest dashboard layout. It provides a simple three-column layout with information about the user, and essential metrics and KPI’s for their business.

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Quick View Dashboard

Today, we’re introducing the new Basic Dashboard. A basic graphical dashboard that breaks your metics into 4 main category blocks; Customers, Distributors, Sales, and Earnings. Each with it’s over subset of KPIs such as New Customers/Distributors/Sales/Earnings Today, this Week, Month, Year, etc.

Basic Dashboard

By separating the data into graphical colored sections, the new Basic Dashboard makes it easier for you to find the data you’re looking for!

The new Basic Dashboard is available in your existing MarketPowerPRO system now! Click on the video or link below to find out how you can start using the new Basic Dashboard in your system!

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