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The entire Edit AutoShip system is in MarketPowerPRO Central Source Code for MLM RealTime Code Base Clients

(Call Customer Support or Your Account Representative if you are uncertain which version of MarketPowerPRO you are using or if you are non-central source code and have not received the update yet).

Please note this is a complete and full re-write (not just a modification) to the Edit AutoShip system as follows:

  • The 3-Step wizard process has been eliminated
  • Everything has been put into one single easy to use screen
  • When editing the system let’s you konw if you already have an order for the current month / commission period
  • When editing the system let’s you konw if you don’t already have an order for the current month / commission period
  • Allows you to edit your payment methods / credit cards directly within the AutoShip (no more going to credit card management screens)
  • It’s now simple to add and remove Products and SKU’s and update quantities in one screen
  • All of the annoying and irritating “pop-up” screens have been removed
  • And finally – no more “Re-Configure” AutoShip screens (YEAH!!!)

The “Add AutoShip” screens will be designed and implemented in the near future.  Thank you to all of our clients and your valuable input in the Edit AutoShip functionality.

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