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The new Distributor Quick View Dashboard allows your distributors to view the following details important to building their organization and sales immediately upon accessing their back office.

The Quick View Dashboard is now available in MarketPowerPRO Central Source Code for MLM RealTime Code Base Clients (Call Customer Support or Your Account Representative if you are uncertain which version of MarketPowerPRO you are using or if you are non-central source code or have not received the update yet).  Here’s a summary of the following details show to your Distributors in their Quick View Dashboard:

  • Distributor ID
  • User Name (one click to Edit)
  • Site Name (one click to Edit)
  • Joined As Status
  • Rank (Current rank)
  • Title (Highest rank achieved)
  • Sponsor Name
  • Current Commission Period
  • Last Earnings (one click to View)
  • YTD Earnings
  • Held Commission (Minimum Commissions & Adjustments)
  • Lifetime Earnings
  • Last Purchase (one click to View)
  • Next AutoShip (one click to Edit)
  • Personal Purchases (SV/CV)
  • Total Sponsored (one click to View)
  • Sponsored Today
  • Sponsored This Week
  • Sponsored This Month (one click to View)
  • Sponsored This Year
  • Total Customers (one click to View)
  • Customer Purchases

Before notifying your distributors make certain the module is installed in your back office and if not submit a ticket now requesting it to be added.  Then “be the hero” by notifying your distributors about this new improvement to their back office!

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