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Did you know that you can create and publish your own custom newsletter templates? Newsletters are an important part of keeping your distributors engaged and up to date with news and changes with your company or industry. 

Just as important as it is to have regular webinars and conference calls, you need to have regular newsletters. 92% of online adults use email with 61% of them using it on a daily basis. This is HUGE. Sometimes people are too busy to catch that webinar or conference call. Even if they have the time, sometimes people simply aren’t willing to. What they will do however, is read their email.

Because these emails are read consistently, newsletters provide a great medium to further establish and reinforce your brand identity. You want to create a newsletter that continues to solidify your message and the image your company wants to embody.

Businesses utilizing the MarketPowerPRO system have the ability to create newsletters and custom newsletter templates to accurately represent their products and more importantly their message.

To learn how to create and publish your Newsletter templates on the MarketPowerPRO system, Click on the link below!



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