Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Whether you’re moving your office or just changing your email, there is no need to find every location on the site where your corporate information appears. Just update your corporate profile and through the use of “mail merge” the information is updated across your entire site and all replicated sites.

From your corporate profile you enable packaging and handling charges, turn on (or off) gift certificates and set up your RMA process — your basic rules of operation. You can even add your own mail merge variables for other keywords you would like to use throughout the site.

Corporate Profile General Settings overviewClick Here

 Company InformationClick Here

Company Settings

  •  Automatic Payment Allowed: Click Here
  •  Coupons Enabled: Click Here
  •  Gift Certificates Enabled*: Click Here and Gift Certificates Enabled*: Click Here
  •  Packaging and Handling Enabled fixed amount: Click Here
  •  Max item P&H: Click Here
  •  sum of items P&H: Click Here
  •  Display Discounted Rates for FedEx: Click Here
  •  Restrict Enrollments to Unique email Addresses*: Click Here
  •  Do not Permit Change to User Name*: Click Here
  • Use Drag-N-Drop WYSIWYG editor*: Click Here
    • Good To Know:  To find a complete list of tasks that can be applied with the WYSIWYG editor go to Admin Menu>Products>Product Managment Products.
  • Real-Time Tax Integration/Tax Table Settings*: Click Here

RMA settings

  • RMA eanbled, Max RMA period in Days*: Click Here
  •  Public Signup is enabled: Click Here
  • Is inactive Autoship Enabled: Click Here
  •  Enroll Retail Customers from Shopping cart only*: Click Here_
  •  Redeem Prepaid Card: Click Here
  •  Hide Inactive Autoship from distributors: Click Here
  •  Max Uses of Single Credit/Debit Card*: Click Here
  • Autoship Processing Attempts*: Click Here
  •  Allow Audoship to be edited*: Click Here
  • Auto Generate Autoship name
  •  Allow C.V. Override in admin Add Order Wizard* : Click Here
  • Order Package drop down
  •  Maximum Credit Card Decline Limit: Click Here

Mail Merge Variable(s):