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If you’ve spent any time having MultiSoft Corporation consult with you or if you’ve hired Robert Proctor as your coach you’ve heard us say “if they join for the product, they may stay for the opportunity – if they join for the opportunity, they will leave for the next opportunity”.  You’ve also heard us say “It’s All About Product”.  And, if you’ve kept up with recent court cases and FTC involvement in the network marketing industry you know the focus of your business must be on “product first”.

What if your distributors and/or customers could qualify for FREE or discounted AutoShip products(s) or services each month?  Many network marketing (MLM, MultiLevel Marketing, Social Marketing, Party Plans, etc.) companies are offering some sort of “Get xx on AutoShp and Yours Is Free” and now as a client of MultiSoft Corporation and MarketPowerPRO you can too.  You’ve heard this with the tagline of “get one and you’re done” or “get two and it’s for you” or “get three and it’s free” or “get four and pay no more” or “thrive for five”.

MultiSoft and MarketPowerPRO is proud to have such a module available to you to take advantage of for your distributors.  We can now configure this for your distributors AND more importantly your customers.  Yes, you heard right – your customers!!  Either your distributors or customers can receive their AutoShip for free or discounted when they signup other customers on AutoShip.

Contact a MultiSoft Corporation Customer Service Representative or your Account Executive with any further information regarding the new Get xx On AutoShip and Yours Is Free.

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