Alternate Modules Usage Settings

Alternate Module Usage Settings

One thing that never changes about technology is that it is always changing! Here at MultiSoft we are constantly changing to make our program the best that it can be. Alternate Module Usage Settings give options to how the modules can be displayed. With so many different options to give the look and feel you want for your company, you are sure to find the right fit!

        Learning Objectives:

  • Examine different options available for customers and distributors
  • Learn how the alternate modules differ to see how they can fit with your needs
  • Examine options available for security, failed enrollment, and shopping cart design.

 Alternate Module Usage Settings: Click Here:

  •  Use New Customer Registration*: Click Here_
  •  Use New Forgot Password*: Click Here_
  • Use new Product Layout:
  • Use Single Page Enrollment for Anonymous User*: Click Here_
  • Use Single page Enrollment for Genealogy*: Click Here_
  •  Enrollment Fails add as a Customer Record*: Click Here_
  • Use New company Can Not Sponsor* Click Here
  •  Use New Checkout*: Click Here
  • Hide Guest Checkout Functionality* Click Here
  • Use Single Page Enrollment for Customer*: Click Here
  • Use New Distributor Registration*: Click Here_
  • Use New Attach Order To Distributor*: Click Here_
  • Use Single Page Enrollment for Admin*: Click Here_